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“It’s a brilliant group, and rapidly becoming one of my favourite nights out.” – Sarah

“Thanks so much once again for a brilliant class at The Saturday Write." – Amanda W.

“I have started working on the feedback from the last story and it is all really clicking. I have learned so much just from these two pieces of feedback you have given me so thanks again!”

– Renu Parmar

“Let me say how well you run the group. Others think so too. You manage well a disparate collection of strong characters, allowing space for discussion but not for ‘high-horses’ or cliques. Each meeting is subtle, skillful and illuminating – and very enjoyable.” – Leslie Mapp

“As always a good impetus for thinking about writing and developing futher!”

“The amount of time you have devoted to the novel is quite staggering – fantastic value for money to say the least – I recommend you very highly!” – Dr. R.A.

“Oh thank you so much! My week wouldn't be complete w/o N Quentin Woolf!” – Ariana Say

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