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londonist out loud feedback


“Thank you again for a brilliant podcast.” – Ekaterina


“It’s great!” – Tim


“The perfect podcast for a Saturday morning, thank you.” – Digieyes


“Hi, your show is such a treat, thank you. Keep up the great work, and I’ll be heading to your sponsor right away.” – Lutz Reuter


“Very professional with exciting content – when is the BBC going to snap you up?” – Shuab


“I grew up near Harrow – and had heard stories of the train disaster, but never about the contribution of Abbie Sweetwine, the


“Angel of Platform Six”. This is a fascinating, informative and moving piece of audio. Thank You.” – Richard


“I’ve finally had time to listen to the podcast. A great show as ever – NQW and Gareth Edwards really did the subject justice …and I got to blush at the namecheck! Best wishes to you all and keep up the good work.” – John


“Still a regular listener to Londonist Out Loud, it’s really a great podcast – I’m forever indebted to the guest who suggested the smartphone app that suggests bus routes, genius!” – Owen


“The hugely likeable and professional N Quentin Woolf.” – Jonathan


“I love to disappear from the streets of my hometown and live London life even for an hour. So I was so happy to find Londonist Out Loud podcasts which can immerse me in the life of the city. Again, keep up this great work! Or I’ll be very unhappy :)” – Ekaterina


“Just wanted to tell you how much I loved NQW’s podcast this week. My favourite part was when he and that Nigel guy were explaining all the different places in London and their historical significance, really interesting!” – Caitlin, Ontario (June 2011)


“Londonist Out Loud with NQW was a great way of us getting our message across about what we are trying to achieve as a night, the questions were thought provoking and we really enjoyed the experience. It’s a great resource for people to find out about the arts scene in and around London and we noticed a positive impact on our event directly from the interview.” – Holly Therese Blakey/William Burgess


“I’d just like to say that I’ve been both delighted and enchanted by the quality of the interviews you’ve been doing. Thank you so much.” – Matt Brown

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