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N. Quentin Woolf is a novelist and broadcaster.



NQW’s short stories and non-fiction have appeared in publications nationally (including long-running columns in Sentinel Literary Quarterly and Open Pen), internationally in translation, online, in exhibitions, and as part of stage performances, including at Sadler’s Wells; his debut novel, The Death of the Poet, is published by Serpent’s Tail. An advocate of the benefits of peer critique, NQW has hosted Writers’ Mutual, a popular collaborative critique group for writers, for a number of years; he runs The Writers’ Lab, in East London, and has accumulated 1500+ hours of experience managing group feedback, in these and other groups. He has tutored and taught creative writing, most recently at the Gates Foundation, Cambridge University, and offers one-to-one mentoring to novelists and memoirists, taking first drafts to publication level. His portfolio also includes work as a script consultant for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and line-by-line consultancy on successful doctoral theses. He was selected by Ali Smith as one of her three debut novelists of the year at the Cambridge Literary Festival. NQW has been the judge of the Swale Life Poetry Competition, and a reader for the Marsh Biography Prize.He is the founder of The Brick Lane Book Group, rated by Time Out as one of London’s best reading groups.



Having formerly presented The Arts Show for radio, NQW is now the anchor of Londonist Out Loud, a weekly podcast focusing on news, arts and history in London, UK (recommended by the Daily Telegraph and Guardian), as well as occasional literary podcast The Wireless Reader, and a 9-part series about Joyce’s Ulysses. He has also made appearances on BBC Radio 4, ABC Australia, CFRC Canada, and other stations.

Ali Smith’s selection of her favourite three debut novels of the year is one of the festival’s favourite fixtures – and this year is likely to be no exception, as three writers, all of whose books deal with issues of conflict and masculinity, discuss their first forays into fiction with Ali. Come along and meet N Quentin Woolf, (The Death of the Poet), Robert Allison (The Letter Bearer) and Anna Whitwham (Boxer Handsome).

at the Cambridge Literary Festival, guest of Ali Smith as one of her favourite three debut novels of the year. This picture was taken during the climactic fifth hour of the face-touching competition. NQW has edged into the lead using the classic two-fingered brow fondle.

'Reader, I almost kissed him.'- Rachel Johnson

London Evening Standard

'I don't get why @NQuentinWoolf is so often described as gravelly-voiced? I think he purrs like a kitten.' - @KatyGraham18

'Left a decent house party early because I didn't want to stop reading The Death of the Poet by @NQuentinWoolf' - ‏@TheNotoriousBMD


‘The provocative words of

N Quentin Woolf ring out’

– Michelle Harris

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