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one-to-one feedback on your writing

Listen to client’s opinion - Peter
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I work with clients internationally on a range of full-length projects (memoir and novels); regular meetings are held online or in person. Please enquire for more details with the specifics of your project.

Good feedback is about trying to help the writer to realise their vision, not about imposing some other agenda.


If you’re looking for a second opinion on your prose, I might be able to help. Whilst I am a practising, published writer, there are, of course, plenty of people out there who’ve written and published far more than I have; however, my critical eye is kept sharp by being constantly engaged in the critical process, whether that be working with one of the well-established London writers’ groups I facilitate, with classes, or in a one-to-one context.
With more than 2000 hours of writing feedback under my belt (not including hundreds of hours spent teaching creative writing), a hands-on understanding of working with words, and lots of satisfied clients, I can bring a fresh perspective to your work, and offer suggestions and observations from an informed point of view.
My specialist areas are short fiction, full-length fiction and memoir, and short non-fiction.


Some clients prefer to meet in fixed-time sessions on a weekly or occasional basis, on line or in person; others prefer me to work on their manuscripts alone, and report back. 
In the latter case, my feedback system means you’ll get a personal, in-depth discussion of your work, rather than just a written report, so that you’ll be able to see how the feedback comments have been arrived at – surely crucial when you come to decide whether or not to act upon them.


Some projects I have worked on recently:


•    An author had been rejected by several agents, who liked her subject matter but were dissatisfied with her prose style. We worked together over three months to get the manuscript accepted.


•    A novelist who wanted his book to form part of an interactive gameplaying experience wanted to find the minutest plot-holes in his book. I was able to find and plug a great many, including one or two not-so-small ones. The novel has been published.


•    I coached an author through restructuring their novel to remedy an unsatisfying plotline. We identified the problem, and agreed a course of action. The book is now being redrafted.


•    A client required me to provide a detailed critique of their doctoral thesis within 48 hours, which I was happy to accomplish. The client obtained her doctorate.

I’m friendly, outcome-driven and believe in straight-talk. I only take on clients I feel strongly about, and I am willing to go far beyond normal expectations for those clients I accept, each relationship and set of requirements being unique. 


If you would like me to take you on as a client, in the first instance please write to me with details of your project and what you would like to achieve.

"The amount of time you have devoted to the novel is quite staggering - fantastic value fopr money to say the least - I recommend you very highly!"

- Dr. R.A.

"Your feedback helped me immensely; you really addressed my biggest concerns. I greatly appreciated your critique and observations and I would definitely like to work with you again. Thank you again for your thoroughness and keen eye."

 - Alex


"Thank you so much for that feedback!! I have been frustrated as I have been unable to pinpoint WHERE my stories are weak without having a clue how to change them. This is the first time I have had critical feedback and it was very helpful!"


- Renu Parmar, English Teacher

Terms and Conditions of written feedback


  • The service offered is a single reading and a one-off critique of a piece of writing.


  • In the event of it being impossible to critique the piece, for whatever reason, the fee shall be refunded without further consequence. The applicant accepts that there may be circumstances that render a critique impossible and agrees to accept a full refund as full and final resolution of any such situation.


  • I reserve the right to refuse service without explantation, under which circumstances any money paid for services not yet rendered shall be refunded in full.


  • The copyright of the work remains with the writer at all times.


  • The copyright of the critique shall continue to belong to N Quentin Woolf. Reports may not be quoted except by prior written agreement from N Quentin Woolf, and with correct attribution.


  • Comments made in a critique are opinion only, and should be treated as such. It is up to the service user to decide whether to implement any or all the comments made in the critique and the service user accepts full responsibility for the consequences of any choices made.


  • Work will be treated confidentially. Hard copies are non-returnable.


  • In order for your writing to be returned to you a self-addressed envelop with the correct postage must be provided by the service user. Without this, work cannot be returned, and will be shredded.


  • Payment must be received in full before the critique can be carried out. The service user agrees to indemnify, and keep indemnified, N Quentin Woolf against all and any losses or costs sustained through use of this service.


  • This service is not intended to offer encouragement without basis; I will endeavor to offer a balanced and honest appraisal of work at all times.


  • No responsibility will be accepted for work lost in the post; please do not send originals. Reading times are estimates only, if you have a strict deadline when you need the critique completed, please make this clear at time of payment.


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