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first steps in creative writing feedback


“Thanks for class today, am learning an incredible amount!” – Jane T.


“Thought you might be interested to know that my story ‘Lily’ (as revised according to your advice) was published online in the ‘Words Undone’ magazine. Copy attached. Nothing to get too excited about, but it’s good for my confidence. Also it came second in my employers’ short story competition and I won a £10 Amazon voucher, so my writing career is already turning a profit!” – Pete Folly


“Thanks for class today, am learning an incredible amount! Cheers!” – Jane


“I thought your teaching was brilliant.” – Matt


“First I want to say thank you for your grounding advice - just what I needed, and your urging to write more – I certainly will!” – Katey


“Thanks so much for your feedback. I have a lot of work ahead on this piece but your guidance will prove very valuable. Thanks again!” – Annette


“Thanks very much for the feedback. I truly enjoyed the classes and would recommend it to friends.” – IK


“Thanks for the very full feedback – as I feared, I have a very long way to go, but it’s so good to be able to pinpoint the ‘errors’ and ‘room for improvement’!” – Steph


“Am thoroughly enjoying responding to the provocation of the class sessions. Many thanks.” – Trish


“I have found the course very interesting and informative – Adèle


“Many thanks for the feedback you sent, I found it so useful. I’ve rewritten the piece with your comments in mind and think I’ve improved it. I’m really enjoying the course, learning so much and enjoying getting constructive criticism.” – Stephanie


“The course was most valuable and may see you again for a follow up.. feel a bit rusty already. Thanks a lot.” – Roxanthe


“Just wanted to say thank you again for being so passionate to share and teach what you know. I remember your rigorous attention to detail and your discipline giving the course inspite of my attemps to disrupt the class:)I have to say that the time I spent together along with Anton will be one of the highlights of my life in London.” – Yusuf


“Indeed, I learnt so very much from you within the two sessions we met. I have taken my writing further and my eyes have been truly opened.” – Ruth


“Thanks for your feedback, it’s great to receive really useful comments. Much appreciated.” – Helen


“There is a nice mix of people in the group and there seems to be a growing dynamic which makes it all that more pleasurable.” – Pat


“I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but I wasn’t expecting the course to be any where near as well organised and constructive as it has been! I was kind of expecting the sessions to be a bit more intangible. I’ve been really impressed (and pleased) so far with the balance you’ve managed to achieve between teaching us some structured learning of writing concepts/techniques and ‘doing’ in terms of the writing/discussing our work. I can honestly say that at the end of every session I’ve attended I have been able to understand the concepts you’ve introduced us to (character development, conflict, automatic writing etc). I think this is because you have an effective technique of explaining the concept to us and then getting us to explain it back to you through our own experiences/thoughts. So far I’m enjoying the course very much and just wish I had more time to spend doing creative writing outside of the sessions.” – Jill


“In terms of feedback, I’ve really enjoyed the workshops. They’ve helped me access a wealth of feedback from fellow members which has been as invaluable as it was enjoyable and also gave me the impetus to approach writing and stick with it. In terms of achievement, the biggest one I made was to finish pieces, which I’ve never managed to do previously. I really enjoyed hearing other people’s work too and look forward to seeing it in print!” – J


“It was a really enjoyable course, the 8 weeks seemed to go very quickly which is always a good sign. I’ll certainly direct anyone I come across interested in creative writing your way.” – James


“Thank you loads” – Liana


“Just writing to say thank you. Your workshops have been thorough, insightful and most valuable. I have learned a great deal about the writing process and will keep writing. It may be worth mentioning that your workshops had been recommended to me by one of your previous attendees. I will be happy to recommend your workshops to family and friends.” – Araba (February 2011)


“Thank you again for a wonderful course. I really enjoyed the session on Saturday and left feeling completely energised and inspired. I guess my only regret from the course, that I won’t be happy with anyone else’s feedback on anything I’ve written now…” – Åsa


“The writers workshop has taken the guesswork out of writing. The atmosphere was warm, friendly and inspiring. What I’ve learnt about plot and structure has been invaluable and I’m currently working on the second draft of the short story that I finished thanks to this course.” – Michelle


“Thank you for such an invaluable course. It allowed me to rediscover my passion for writing and helped me to develop it further. Who knew I could get so excited with making up my own characters in their own world. Thanks for giving me the tools and the courage to finally give short-story writing a go. I definitely see the world with new eyes. May be in time, I’ll even be able to write a decent enough story that extends beyond a few pages. Here’s hoping!” – Emane


“This course gave me more then I anticipated. I joined because I wanted to develop my writing and learn about a field I had an interest in. I got this and so much more. After the course I felt inspired, I felt I had the capacity to write in versatile ways and I had opened a creative path I didn’t know I had. Of course I didn’t develop into the next Virginia Wolf over a couple of weeks, but the feedback I received and the exercises we did throughout really improved my writing and motivated me to keep writing after the end of the course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am still writing!” – Maja


“Just wanted to reiterate my thanks from yesterday for the writing course. Being one who has been writing for years just “for the fun of it”, but who knew little of the foundations, it was a great, informative experience. This course provided a great foundation to my writing and I already feel a lot more confident in my structure and, in it’s core, to see a story to the end. It was lighthearted and fun and I will miss spending my Sundays discussing and laughing about all things written. So to that end; so so many thanks!” – Nicky


“I really enjoyed the course! The feedback on my writing was incredibly helpful and positive. I learnt ways to improve and develop my ideas and style. The course also gave me concrete ways to structure different types of writing.” – Louise


“Thanks for delivering a great course.” – Kali


“I found the course motivated me and gave me the confidence to write. I found the small group environment supportive and, despite initial misgivings on my part, was comfortable sharing my work and opening it up for critique. And I found you to be an excellent teacher – lucid and informal, getting a lot of information across without it seeming like hard work. I do feel that I have a much greater understanding of the medium now, and have some hope of writing something that somebody else might actually want to read one day! So, thanks.” – Pete


“Thanks for last night class – it was excellent. I happened to mention to a very good friend of mine how inspirational I’ve been finding the classes – and I really am finding it very very good” – Najma


“ha ha it’s working, I am writing (fiction) rather than writing (work) right now!” – Kerry


“Thanks for the constructive feedback. I’ve been feeling rather out of my depth and a bit discouraged and unsatisfied with what I have been writing, so your comments have been good for my confidence.” – Pete


“Thank you for your great class, I am learning a great deal, feeling inspired and encouraged and really enjoying it. I happen to know I am not alone in that. I have enjoyed every single minute of the programme. I have been made to think, to engage with my own writing processes, encouraged, supported, made to laugh, invited to contribute
to my colleagues’ work and development in meaningful, constructive and ego-free ways. The
feedback I got from others in the group was really astute, helpful and considered.” – Charlie


“Just wanted to thank you for the advice/feedback and lessons – it was a great course.” – Mark


“I have enjoyed the course thus far, however, and have found it very helpful and insightful.” – Helen


“I’ve always been put off doing a writing course as I thought it would be stuffy and pretentious. I couldn’t have been more wrong – NQW’s teaching style is informative, practical and fun. He makes writing seem like an exciting possibility not a daunting task and provides many gems of writing wisdom along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and it has given me the motivation I needed to kick start my writing” – Fiona


“The class was great, exciting about more & already have some great new words!” – Jo D


“I really enjoy this group and the different characters and writing, and I think you are great at running it and are very simpatico!” – Frances


“Just a quick email to say how much I enjoyed last week’s session. Thank you for all the emails and for running the classes. They were fantastic and I loved all of the activities and meeting interesting people with wonderful ideas.” – Bryony


“Thanks, I really loved the classes & hope to join in again next term/time.” – Jo L


“Thanks again for a great writing course. :) I cannot believe how quickly the weeks have passed.” – Shauna


“I loved the workshop.” – Meribeth


“The first workshop was great. I really enjoyed it, thanks a lot for organising it so well, I already feel like I got a lot out of it.” – Jill


“As always I loved the class… Thank you for sharing your creativity.” – Desreen


“In terms of how I am finding the course – I am absolutely loving it and learning so much each week as well as having a set time each week to indulge myself in writing and talking about writing with others. It took quite a lot for me to actually start coming although it is something I have wanted to do for a long time and I am really benefiting from both learning structure and technique as well as meeting and learning from like-minded people. Plus – who wouldn’t want to spend an evening huddled around surrounded by books and talking about writing!! I am already worried about what I will do when the course ends, although I suppose the point is that I should be using my time to write then.” – Sophie


“I’ve been really enjoying the course. I find the on-the-spot exercises done during the session really helpful – immediately applying the ideas we discuss certainly makes them sink in more. It has been really helpful so far; when I sat down to write my first piece I found it a huge struggle; I wrote the same sentence over and over and had a sort of screaming noise in my head! Now – much easier!” – Mel


“I just wanted to say thank you for your input. The inspiration from the group has been great.” – Chaz


“I’m coming to the class tomorrow, inspiration is required & I know the class has that in abundance.” – Mark


“I’ve very much enjoyed the sessions.” – Fran


“Yesterday was brilliant – thanks. I did not know what to expect, but I came away with some useful advice. I am looking forward to learning more!” – Andrew


“Well I guess the class ends in a week or so and I must tell you that I have learnt a lot and and have hopefully embraced enough for it to filter through to my writing… I love writing and I love that I attended your class…Thanks again for sharing your creativity. I wish you happiness and more colour to your canvass…” – Des


“I really enjoyed tonight’s session.” – Harriet


“Thanks for the whole course, very very good.” – Nicholas


“Thank you so much for everything – you are a great tutor! Hope to see you again soon.” – Selina


“Really enjoyed the course. I found it really helpful, I have so many more ideas of things I want to write now and more confidence to actually try and write them! Thanks again.” – Alana


“The First Steps in Creative Writing’ is great. NQW has crafted an interesting introduction into creative writing. The group atmosphere is fun and dynamic and his relaxed style allows everyone’s inner writer to blossom. A very enjoyable and productive experience for me so far.” – Viv


“NQW’s creative writing course has been extremely helpful to me. By teaching us some very useful theories and techniques he has provided me with the skills I had been lacking to complete my first novel. Practical group exercises combined with a relaxed style of teaching make the course an enjoyable experience as well as informative. I am now looking forward to finishing the book I have been trying to write in my spare moments over the last 7 or 8 years.” – Rick


“I really enjoy your class.” – Neelima


“I have very much enjoyed attending and have to say you are a born teacher.” – Jane


“I’ve found the in depth analysis and discussion of different aspects of writing such as narrative tension, point of view and characterisation have really helped me to clarify why some pieces of writing seem to work and others don’t. I have a much greater appreciation of the skill involved in producing the books I enjoy reading. Being able to share ideas and participate in activities for generating ideas with people who have different writing styles and interests has been really stimulating and a lot of fun! The course has given me the confidence to keep going and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in developing their writing in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.” – Kitty


“As a new writer, i found the class thoroughly enjoyable. Not only have I been given a great overview of techniques used in short stories. but also the chance to practically apply the learning in an open and constructive environment. I’d recommend it to anyone with an interest in literature and writing.” – Chris


“Speaking from a person with no writing experience whatsoever, I found the workshops surprisingly welcoming and easy to get into. I learnt a lot and found it an enjoyable, yet challenging experience.” – Dora


“How the course s working for me so far – i love it! i am learning something new each time, and i like that you draw the ideas out of us rather than lecturing or telling us on things. Last week i think the point of view and perspectives exercise with films demonstrated a good point but due to the size of the class and the time it took it felt a bit long winded. That’s the only small thing that i think could have been better, but overall i love it and have recommended joining to a couple of my friends when your next sessions start!” – Chris


“I’m really enjoying it.” – Sara


“You are a patient and zen like teacher, N Quentin Woolf. Thank god you have a sense of humour, as well as a generous spirit. And yes, you’re damned right, I am persevering. Homework 3 attached. See you this evening. ta ta” – Chichi


“I’ve found attending the workshops to be a very positive experience.” – Andrea


“I can honestly say that I couldn’t fault it. Though at the very beginning there was less opportunity for the students to interact, this situation changed quickly once (I suspect) you’ got the bulk of the rudiments of the creative writing process out of the way. All in all I took a lot from it. Speaking in 1st,2nd,3rd person, avoiding narrating the character through your own senses, show and tell, have just been a few things I learnt. For this reason thank you for such a good course.” – Maz


“Thanks for last night, it was ace! I’m really glad I signed up.” – Jo


“I am so exited to attend your class again. You are a very good teacher.” – Neelima


“I’d have never got so much completed if I didn’t attend your class.”


“It was a great group and you brought in some great ideas and made it really fun.” – Sarah


“I wanted to say thank you for the encouragement. I had no intention of taking on something like this. Thanks!” – Geneve


“It was really interesting for me having known absolutely zero about the creative writing process before that. I discovered that I have next to no initial creative impulse when it comes to writing! but that is as valid a thing to learn as any and I still found the course very interesting.” – Gwen


“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful workshop – I had so much fun!” – Saba


“I also wanted to thank you again for the Sat morning course – I had a fantastic time and amazingly I’ve been writing everyday since! Many thanks.” – Fi (the little Scottish person!)


“I definitely enjoyed the course! It’s really helped to get me writing. I don’t worry so much about what I might write, but just get on with it. I try to think in words as much as possible, and go nowhere without lots of paper and a pencil. Thanks!” – Liz


“I would like to wish you a very successful future. Your students and members – I can already tell – will be in very good hands.” – Jilly


“Thanks. Robbie and I thought [Alan Gilbey's screenwriting] workshop was great, and we’d like to stay on your email list. I don’t suppose you fancy opening a branch in Walthamstow?!” – Heather

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