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the writers’ lab feedback


“Really enjoying the classes. Thank you.” – Tom


“I do miss the group myself – it certainly functions as a motivator and they’re a bright and entertaining bunch. The quality level was very impressive last week I thought too. And the popularity must have a lot to do with the facilitator so good work sir.” – Pete


“– the critiquing discussions certainly are really helpful” – Guy


“Amazing value. It forces me to think what am I actually going to do for next week so the next time I sit down at my desk I can just start. I appreciate that it is okay to miss a week and not feel really bad.” – Kerry


“It’s my very first experience and I am glad it gave me the opportunity to challenge myself, I mean, to come out and see what it’s like to share something.” – Manu


“I enjoy the workshops especially because it gives me an opportunity to receive feedback and make needed improvements to my short stories. So far, my submissions have only garnered rejections. I’m hoping to change that.” – Donna


“Thanks for all your efforts this year, it is a really good space / community.” – Kerry


“You’re doing a smashing job. Keep it up. You’re a natural facilitator in the groups as patience is most definitely a virtue …” – David


“Just wanted to say thank you for all of the competitions – it’s very useful to have an up to date compilation of them” – Mel


“Last nights story/poetry evening was great – really enjoyed it. Actually so much so that I found myself sitting at my desk today writing something that was sort of inspired by it. Anyway, no idea why I’m sending it to you – perhaps as a gesture of thanks for getting this writing group together in such a constructive, supportive yet relaxed way.” – Janice


“A great evening; I really enjoy the group, and thanks for all your input.” – Nell


“I enjoyed yesterday, thought you ran the meeting very well so everyone contributed lots of interesting ideas and in a non-agendaish way. Being supportive and critical at the same time’s hard to do but the group swung it.” – Judith

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