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one-to-one critique feedback


“We’ve been working together for a period of about six months, and I’ve been having one-to-one literary mentorship support from NQW. I guess one of the challenges that I faced at the beginning of our sessions was that I was over-reliant on the use of back-story.


I think my sessions with NQW have given me a really much better understanding of the use and purpose of dialogue. His facilitation skills have been excellent and they have greatly helped me to generate ideas on characterisation and plot line. NQW’s feedback on my manuscript submissions have been detailed and very thorough, and he has critiqued my work, with a fine-toothed comb and in great detail, and this has been valuable for me to read after our sessions, and to reflect on.

I think what’s important really is that at no point has NQW ever imposed his agenda on my work. And I have to say really, it has been serious fun in many ways. Not that surprising, since I’m writing comedy fiction with a nice little dusting of homicide. In fact the one-to-one sessions have been so useful to me that I felt confident enough to actually join one of his group mentoring sessions, and that also has been really, really helpful.” – Dr P.M.




                    Listen to a current mentee discuss his mentoring experience.


“Just to say thank you so much for all the hard work you put into the analysis of my book. The quality and detail of your feedback was way beyond anything that I could have expected, and I am very grateful. In fact I am completely overwhelmed and thrilled and will start work the minute I return from France!” – L.G.

“Thank you for your professional feedback – far more extensive and comprehensive than I have ever received before. The amount of time you have devoted to the novel is quite staggering – fantastic value for money to say the least. I am most impressed thus far by your insights and depth of study. Thanks once again for your efforts – I recommend you very highly!” – Dr. R.A.

“Your feedback helped me immensely;  you really addressed my biggest concerns. I greatly appreciated your critique and observations and I would definitely like to work with you again.Thank you again for your thoroughness and keen eye.” – Alex

“Thanks for the critique.  I really appreciated the frankness and rigorous approach.  I think it’s just what I needed as you’ve picked up on all of the things I thought were wrong with the draft and much more.  The level of detail in your critique means that I have a good idea of what I need to do to make it a consistent and enjoyable novel.” – J.G., author

“Thank you so much for taking the time to give me such detailed feedback.” – Maggie

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