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the brick lane book group feedback


“I loved attending the Brick Lane book club and think it’s fantastic that it is so laid-back and there’s no attendance fee etc. It’s hard to find a Book Club which is not pretentious etc. and I think the Brick Lane book club gets it just about spot-on.” – Kayleigh


“Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for all the effort you’ve put into the group. As someone who enquired about joining many book groups trust me, yours is a haven of good organisation and reliability. So, keep it up.” – David


“Keep up the good work!” – Carmela


“Really enjoyed the group. Looking forward to the next one” – Stephen


“These tuesdays are really special and I think you have created a little bit of magic there – many thanks.” – Gerry


“Best of luck with your writing, it’s really nice to see how your passion just oozes out of you.” – Rinki


“As always a joy to go to those Tuesday sessions and the constantly changing landscape of people ideas etc found there.” – G


“A cracking good book group.” – Guy

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