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the next step feedback


“Thanks so much for giving me yet more very useful feedback – really makes a difference!” – Maggie


“I have found your positive encouragement very good.” – Noor-ul


“I was certainly fired up by the workshop yesterday, and have spent most of today on the homework – lucky it rained! Cheers” – Maggie


“What fantastic feedback, thank you.” – Beth


“Amazing value for £9 a week. Two hours of contact time and professional feedback as well. Can’t be beat!” – Pete


“Many thanks for the feedback. I don’t mind getting long feedback by the way, far from it – it’s really helpful.” – Maggie


“Thank you so much for that feedback!! I have been frustrated as I have been unable to pinpoint WHERE my stories are weak without having a clue how to change them. This is the first time I have had critical feedback and it was very helpful!” – Renu


“Thanks very much for all your feedback – you have given me plenty to work on! I find the workshops you do in The Next Step good for generating new story ideas, so I hope to be able to come along as often as possible. Thanks again.” – Maggie


“Thanks for the stimulating classes, the knowledge that you’ve passed on, and the good company.” – Pete


“Thanks for the feedback from last week. Very helpful!” – Peter

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