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writers’ mutual feedback


“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and got an enormous amount out of all the writer’s mutual sessions I’ve been to so far – excellently taught and run by your good self – so thanks for that.” – Thomas


“Thanks for the writers group this year. It’s great.” – Dave


“The writers group is very valuable to me.” – Titania


“Thank you for a great class, it was really beneficial.” – Amy


“I didn’t doubt for one minute people’s sincerity in their desire to help and assist and I particularly enjoyed the way you moved the group along and worked the crowd – you were very comprehensive without being pushy and it was obvious from the start I wasn’t gonna get away with being passive! All in all, a great experience, and one I intend to return to as regularly as is possible, so thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.” – Tharik


“I just wanted you to know that I love being part of the group.” – Annabel


“Thanks for your help — I read it twice and the critique really helped.” – Marc


“Thanks for a stimulating group last night.” – Melanie


“I’m enjoying the group, the standard of insight seems to be high. Like most people, I won’t be able to make every week, but I look forward to receiving the ‘treatment’ on a piece with a beginning, a middle and an end (and having all three is not always easy for me).” – Leslie


“I have to say I found Tuesday’s session really quite interesting, and I like the way you handled the session, I wouldn’t mind coming to another one at some point. This is a very good opportunity for writers to get critical analysis.” – Ernest


“Yeah, it was great to return yesterday. I like the way the group has become more structured – the feedback was v useful as always. I am really interested now in the group’s response to one of my older works I have kept hidden!”


“Thank you, My word, what a feast. (What a strange expression, ‘my word’!)” – Marybel


“I must say, I think the group as come a long way since I started in the summer – which is no time at all, really. I think knowing people outside of the group with the drinks afterwards helps, as people tend to carry on discussing the writing at that time. It also means people are more comfortable talking freely during the workshop if they know everyone quite well. I think you’ve nailed it with your part in the group – you lead the discussions well and get the most out of the feedback (or lack of feedback) and you put your foot down when you need to.” – Dave


“Even after limited contact, the Tuesday effect has been one of lifting the edge of scales that have dulled my writing vision for a long while. Generally, I’m aware of a new freedom to play with words and am enjoying it hugely. I’m grateful for Writers’ Mutual’s role in helping to trigger what feels like a new beginning. And the other day my response to reading Sontag on poetic prose was one of unexpected homecoming – so maybe there’s a sense of direction kicking in, too. I like the diversity of the Tuesday group and individuals’ fresh approaches to writing (yes, including sci-fi!); I appreciate the considered, honest critique system and the positive regard between writers. Thank you for your astute and encouraging leadership of gently managed acceptance. You have already spoken about the need for sensitivity with regard to writers sharing more personal work… where, recently, we have heard both from a writer who is developing an account of her mental health experience with a view to its publication and another who invited us to be private listeners to the diarist’s voice. In the fine balance of “what is therapy?” I wonder if any writing’s intended purpose and audience may be considered the benchmarks for its appropriateness to share within the group? It’s just one thought on this is tricky issue about which everyone will have drawn their own conclusion. Helen’s observation about setting ‘ground rules’ was interesting – and I’m not sure that rules need to be collectively stated in order to be individually understood… I have been encouraged by the constancy of your email contact, including forwarding the competition list, etc. and can’t really think of adding to what you are already planning for next year – resources, etc. will all be welcomed. Thank you. It occurs to me that, if you have committed writers in your groups, it is in large part because you offer them your own commitment.” – Jane


“I think you know from what I’ve said to you and my pretty consistent attendance how much I appreciate the workshops. I believe it is your style of working which is vital to it all. This means that a steady core of people is committed to the sessions. I cannot think of any comments to make at present but I feel comfortable to do so.” – Marybel


“I think the group works really well – at the time I joined I was going to a number of other groups, and this is the only one I still bother with.” – Tom


“It was more useful than I expected. Thanks to you and the group.” – Warren


“I have been consistently inspired and motivated by the creativity of the writers in the group. Having flitted between other writers groups, this is easily the best one I’ve been to.” – Shuab


“Have to say – both of these [short stories] have come as almost direct produce from my Writers’ Mutual sessions. It’s started to give me enough of a buzz to want to get home and just write my socks off, which was something I’d lost since April. Ta!” – Tim


“Thank you, and all those present, for the helpful comments, criticisms and encouraging responses last night. You obviously have a gift for leading writing groups which I admire.” – Marybel


“This has been really important for me.” – Dan


“Nice job – you’re a born leader.” – Marc


“That was a very good constructive session last night. I, for one really appreciate your help and guidance – and I really enjoy the openness and informality of the sessions.” – Linda


“Thank you for the very rich discussions and your leadership. I find you very fair, very sensitive, and very intelligent in the group.” – Marybel


“I’ve really enjoyed the workshops this year. I think our group is great.” – Jill




Writers’ Mutual is not a financial institution/instrument.

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