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New Orleans Jazz Festival   |   The Venue   |   New Orleans, LA


Eddie Baker & "The Trumpets Trio"   |   The Venue   |   Los Angeles, CA


Eddie Baker hosting Nina Bloom   |   The Venue   |   Phoenix, AZ


Blue Jazz Festival   |   The Venue   |   San Francisco, CA


Eddie Baker & "The Trumpets Trio"   |   The Venue   |   Austin, TX


Eddie Baker hosting Nina Bloom   |   The Venue   |   New York City, NY

She is different from the way I’d half-imagined her. She is younger than her telephone voice; her clothes are more comfortable; she smokes cigarettes.Sentinel Literary Quarterly – April – June 2013

Molly Bloom goes to bed and ponders God and literary idols, all in a single sentence. Sentinel Literary Quarterly – January – March 2013

NQW’s column Writers, Writing continues with a frank letter to his yet-to-be-born progeny. Sentinel Literary Quarterly – October – December 2012


In his latest in the series Writers, Writing, NQW discusses the mythical watershed of publication. (Full article available in print version only.) Sentinel Literary Quarterly – July – September 2012

In Open Pen 12, NQW’s column swings its focus out through the letter flap and scans for delivery personnel, be they driving by, lurking outside the front door, or entirely absent. Open Pen Issue Twelve

For his regular column in Open Pen magazine, N Quentin Woolf explores the architecture of the East End and the stories it reveals. From signature towers to deathtrap factories, the built environment, seemed from one of its newest additons, offers a new perspective on London. Open Pen Issue Eleven

In the latest column for Open Pen, NQW lets his clock stop and learns the difference between the minutes of rural life and the increments of London Time. Open Pen Issue Ten

A hardware meltdown prompts NQW to consider that aspect of writing that lies off the page, in the tools of the trade, the writer’s piece of mind, habits of the fellow next door. (Full article available in print version only.) Introduction to it here Sentinel Literary Quarterly – January – March 2012

Writers, Writing 3: Identity is part three of NQW’s series on working with the written word. He asks where stories are imagined, and seeks to disentangle the identities of everyone mixed up in the business of telling a story. Sentinel Literary Quarterly Vol.5 No.1. October to December 2011

Writers, Writing 2: The Block is part two of NQW’s series on working with the written word. In this instalment, he argues that it is our conceptualisation of writer’s block that lends it its power – and that some precision rethinking could offer a life raft.Sentinel Literary Quarterly Vol.4. No.4. July – September 2011

Open Pen continues to go from strength to strength. With issue nine comes another crop of edgy, urban literature including Arthur Jeffes, Darren Lee, Ian Green, Daniel Rouse, Liam Hogan and Will Ashon. NQW’s column for this issue reflects on the ghostlike lives of a writer’s characters and their movement through the city. Open Pen Issue Nine

NQW’s latest article for Open Pen Words That Mean Home, takes a look at the nature of words across Europe and muses as to our own relationship with words, and how England chooses to employ them. Open Pen Issue Eight

In his latest column for Open Pen Magazine, NQW argues the enduring love of books is down, at least in part, to their being almost entirely useless.Open Pen Issue Seven

N Quention Woolf is on hand as Open Pen’s resident literary columnist. In this issue he explores microlocalism and its relation to writing in ‘Londons For Writers’. Open Pen Issue Six


Issue Six illustration by Mateusz Odrobny.

Writers, Writing is NQW’s new series on working with the written word. The first instalment sets the scene before a writers’ workshop and asks for whom we write. Sentinel Literary Quarterly Vol.4. No.3. April – Jun, 2011



  • Sentinel Literary Quarterly

  • Daily Telegraph

  • Transportation anthology (UK/Tasmania)

  • Tears in the Fence

  • Carillon

  • Stingray

  • the various other magazines

What NQW is reading


The National Association of Writers in Education commissioned this piece on What NQW was reading – which at the time happened to be an article about Neanderthal DNA.

Vita Nuova


Tears In The Fence (the magazine of the reknowned David Caddy) has accepted for publication a story about two contrasting characters, each with a concealed pain and a love of literature, and a piddling pug dog called Valmont.Vita Nuova is the name of the story, now out in Issue 53. Tears In The Fencecan be found just here.

My Cat and Your Cat was published by AWEN #70

The Reader


My Cat and Your Cat has been chosen as one of three pieces of fiction published in this edition of The Reader No. 41.

Naked Light and the Blind Eye


Naked Light and the Blind Eye is either a necessary preliminary exercise before writing the next novel – the real thing – or else a first draft that somehow never got the editor it deserved…


Read NQW’s review of Naked Light and the Blind Eye in the current issue (January to March) of the Sentinel Literary Quarterly.



Chimera is published in both English and French, by Ninth Arrondissement Press. NQW’s short story The End of the Affair (translated by Scarlett de Courcier), about self-harm and fancy dress, appears in Issue 8



Orbis has published NQW”s short stories John Donneand Crossing Over in issue 153, out now. John Donne is the moment when a man realises that his attempts to woo the object of his affections using high rhetoric and literary allusions is doomed to failure. In Crossing Over, a young woman passes from one phase of her life to the next. Orbis 153

Master Cameron, Master Johnson, and Mr Hunt


“Dave Cameron’s Schooldays is schoolboy humour done post-puberty by someone with twenty-two years of writing experience and an axe to grind…”


Read NQW’s review of Dave Cameron’s Schooldays in the current issue (October to December) of theSentinel Literary Quarterly.

When Bukowski met Bukowski


“As I turned the pages of the review copy of Locked In The Arms Of A Crazy Life, Howard Sounes’ biography of Charles Bukowski, I started to get uncomfortable….”


NQW’s review of Locked in the Arms of a Crazy Life, is in the July to September issue of the Sentinel Literary Quarterly.



Fudingo, NQW’s off-centre story about the undercurrents of office life, is in the current issue (number 76) of The Frogmore Papers. Available by post from: The Frogmore Press, 21 Mildmay Road, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1PJ at £5 per copy post free. Thanks to Jeremy Page.

Big Man


Big Man is a view of hostile psychological terrain, as surveyed by someone who shops from the XXXL rail.Sentinel Literary Quarterly Vol.3. No. 2.



Chrys Salt and John Hudson at Markings literary magazine have accepted Father, a story about being a man, for inclusion in the next issue, which will be launched on November 21st. Markings

Can Be Seen


Carillon magazine has accepted for publication NQW’s story The Bigger Picture, in which a train controller with unusual abilities meets the love of his life.



Issue 42 of The Interpreter’s House (in shops now) carries NQW’s contemporary short story History. The Interpreter’s House

Definite Articles


Bespoke Magazine is a thoughtful arts periodical publishing occasional pieces on a variety of subjects. Men in Chairs, a confessional piece about NQW’s favourite furniture, can be found here.

UFO In Her Eyes


NQW’s critique of a meeting with author of UFO In Her Eyes, Xiaolu Guo.

Citizen Journalism


A shameless plug for a worthy journal. NQW meets a Hackney Artist – full transcript in the Hackney Citizen.

The Telegraph


N Quentin Woolf - Violence Against Men

Open Pen signs NQW:

Open Pen, London’s first open literature magazine, has commissioned a regular column from NQW. NQW’s passions for London and writing are combined in the back pages of this popular, thriving literary periodical.

NQW proposes that all fiction lies in the space after a question has been asked and before it has been answered. (Full article available in print version only.) Sentinel Literary Quarterly – April – June 2012

NQW's story Vera published in the Tasmanian/London Transportation Anthology

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